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Born 1984 in Kampala, Uganda; Arnold came into a world of stark contrasts and great change.

In 1985 President Milton Obote was overthrown, and at  nine months old Arnold’s family had to leave Uganda for neighbouring Kenya. He was to spend the following four years of his life living in the country, before further threat of reprisal would force a move to the United Kingdom where his father had spent previous years in the field of botanical research.

From an age as early as primary school, Arnold showed a keen interest and affinity with technology. At the age of 11 as he began to learn to program computers , he was lovingly supported by his mother who provided him with computer programming sessions with her employer's IT technician.

At the age of 14 Arnold was to meet Allan Calder; who would turn out to be one of the greatest influences in his young to adult life. They would spend many days and work early into the morning, with Allan teaching Arnold the intricacies of game programming; this would help to cement the foundation for his future in the world of information and communication technology.

Arnold completed his secondary education at Graveney School, and proceeded to commence his AS levels at Richmond Upon Thames College where he studied Maths, Physics, Business and Critical Thinking.

During the course of his first year, Arnold's computing ability was noted by a friend of the family, and he was asked to work on a web-site and a small computer network. This was to be the spark that would bring him into the world of business.

In January 2002, Arnold and his brother had to make a decision. They saw that trying to both complete their A level studies and found a company was not allowing them to do whole heartedly what needed to be done. They made the decision to at the end of the year, leave college and focus purely on their business. Parallax ICT.

Arnold spent the next four years working tirelessly in the top floor of his family home, determined to build the business from scratch and create the company which he envisioned.

True to his efforts the world began to take note, and companies began to commission work from the young ICT Company; the firm grew to become influential within the fields of education, commerce & trade and travel among others.

In 2008, it was decided that the ability of the key players behind Parallax as well as the processes and ethics of the company itself had reached a point warranting a true coming to market. Arnold decided that in order to create the enterprise envisioned, a firm grasp of the established body of knowledge, and of the actualities of business at a macro level would be essential. He is subsequently completing a Business & Management Degree at Brunel University Business School while growing Parallax.

Arnold takes great pride and attributes great importance to his directorship of the Blue Balloon Foundation, and believes without a doubt that its contribution to the alleviation of the suffering and loss of the potential of the world is nothing short of essential.

Arnold brings not only a strong base in business and technology, but a genuine and honest understanding of the necessity of a comprehensive approach in the remedy of the problems faced in our world today.

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