The 3 Ps

'I love what I do, and it just keeps coming, it's amazing. I don't understand it at all, but I love it'

Damien Rice, an artist (Musician) in an interview

In reality, it is not possible to fully explain the natural factors at play in our existence from moment to moment. As most artists will tell us, they often cannot explain how their creative ideas came into existence, as is expressed by Damien Rice above. BBf's Common sense approach is underlied by what we refer to as the universal principles of Thought, Consciousness and Mind.

Thought:  refers to our natural ability to think- to create images and form ideas in our heads. This includes beliefs, values, opinions, memories, and instincts among others. Thought is the gift we have as human beings to create our own realities.

Consciousness: is our ability to feel, have feelings and be aware of our existence and how reality is created for each of us. It is our continual perception and experience through Thought and the senses. Consciousness also embodies our ability to survey life from a compassionate, impersonal or objective stance, a perspective we call Wisdom or Common Sense.

Mind: Refers to the natural intelligence of everything, including creativity.

These Three Principles offer us an ability to begin an explanation of what we have naturally- the natural buoyancy of strengths or resiliency and buoyancy of emotional and mental health, understanding and compassion, well-being and creativity that we all possess- irrespective of our colour, race, age, sex, nationality, and so on.  It enables the individual to begin to understand their own inherent mechanisms for health, well-being and creativity, and to access their own feelings and natural wisdom common sense. This enables people to begin to trust their own ability to find solutions to current problems.

We acknowledge and thank Mr Sydney Banks who so generously shares with the world his personal experience of the Three Principles.

We also acknowledge and thank Dr Roger Mills of Health Realization for his extensive research and work in the community, that turned around people who had lost hope to hopeful, vibrant communities, once they started to become aware of their own natural capabilities.

We also acknowledge and thank Dr Roger Mills, Dr George Pransky and Dr Jack Pransky and their colleagues, whose research have taken the Three Principles into the professional fields of psychology and psychiatry.

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