Natural Capacities
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Children are like a hot air balloon- light and buoyant with no heavy sand bags holding them down. They have bright shinning light in their eyes, and are promising.

We see the natural capacities in young children all the time. As children we are naturally inclined towards feelings of happiness, positive motivation, self-esteem and respect. We are creative, resilient, unprejudicial, compassionate and loving.

We are not born feeling insecure, depressed, manic depressives, drug addicts, psychotics or with schizophrenia for instance. Neither are we born saying powerfully negative things like- 'I hate learning'; 'I can't do this', 'I am good for nothing' or 'I am stupid'. Neither are we born pre-programmed to say 'I know my colour is purple, I promise I am going to hate and kill green people'. We are born 'with our lights blazing' so to speak. Somewhere along the line, something happens to us that makes us start switching off our lights.

Young children are free from psychological and emotional bondage, hence are light and buoyant like a hot air balloon with no sand bags holding them down. Yet a public opinion poll published by The Children's Society as part of its Good Childhood® Inquiry, reveals mounting concern about children's happiness today compared to when they were growing up. Only one in ten (9%) respondents felt children nowadays are happier. In December 2006, a petition was signed by a number of professionals who were expressing concern that 'Modern life leads to more depression among children'

We discuss these capacities in this section under the following sub-headings:

  • Children's natural capacities for emotional, mental and psychological health
  • Children and Love
  • Resiliency
  • Compassion in children
  • Creativity in children
  • Learning and,
  • Natural knowing

BBf's Common Sense approach highlights that young children live and operate from natural intelligence, wisdom or common sense in a manner that is currently not well recognised or articulated. They are able to feel and see things that most adults are not able to see and feel; because, as adults, we often forget that we still have this potential and capacities.

The approach highlights that the capacity for emotional, mental and psychological health, compassion and love; resiliency; creativity and self-motivation; learning; self-esteem, confidence and natural knowing exist in us naturally from birth, irrespective of where we are born. They are capacities that no one gives us, we already have them at birth; what we call- 'The Package Deal' or 'The Givens'; and we continue to have them throughout our teenage and adult lives. We do not loose them, they just get covered and can be re-activated at any time. The approach also highlights the natural control mechanisms in place that can aid us to move back into health.

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