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'Money is an idea (thought).  A child's self-perception or ideas of themselves often dictate how they operate for the rest of their lives. That is why a parent's most important job is to monitor, guide and protect the child's self-perception'.

Robert Kiyosaki


BBf sees that financial education should be incorporated in our everyday life from childhood and not taught just as a one-off subject. This is becoming ever so crucial, given the level of debt- (national and personal) that is now extending to even younger people- and considering the knock on effect it has on health, well-being and relationships.

This programme offers a fun-filled Financial Education programme that gives parents and carers the knowledge, skills and the appropriate mental and emotional states they need to bring out the child's financial genius.

The programme is designed to enable adults to acquire basic financial education that they can pass on to children and young people from an early age in the home, and the teachers to be able to continue the process in school.

We have created a separate awareness programme for young people- 'My Road Map to Success', also with a Financial Education component.

The programme content include among others:

  1. A review of the necessary pillars for all round success- health, wealth and relationships
  2. Why it is important for children to learn about money
  3. Financial survival skills for the real world- Basic financial literacy- The financial Statement.
  4. How to teach basic financial literacy to your child
  5. Spending choices and consequences
  6. Getting your child to prepare now for their future. To have their money start working for them now.
  7. Introduction to investment avenues and strategies
  8. Introduction to the stock market
  9. The programme also includes Financial Field Trips, i.e. practical exercises you can do with your children that will enable you to expose them to real life experiences, thus grounding children to reality.


Cost: Individual and group rates apply. Tea, coffee and biscuits included.

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